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Air Tightness

Significantly improved construction standards to allow for the better fitment of higher-quality & more efficient insulation.

All studies indicate that up to half of all heat loss in buildings can be due to air leakage and uncontrolled ventilation. This indicates the need for air tightness testingto be carried out during the construction and refurbishment of all houses. The quality of insulation in buildings has increased substantially over the last number of years.

Our air tightness testing will indicate the levels of sealing to be carried out in each building. If heated air is still escaping it can be identified as a major source of energy loss.

Our climate in Ireland does not suffer from extremes in low temperatures, but we are exposed to extremes in wind pressure. Insulation is crucial and the essential ingredient to low energy loss, air tightness must also be central to an energy efficient strategy to reduce unnecessary heat loss. A well- built and mechanically ventilated building will create relaxing and snug living areas with reduced energy costs compared to similar sized buildings using traditional natural ventilation methods.

Proper sealing with the correct sealants can quiet often reduce the air leakage and increase the air tightness by up to 50% therefore reducing heat loss. Unnecessary and uncontrolled air passage through defects in the buildings structure or structure can lead to excessive heat loss and increased energy bills. This saving would equate to approximately a saving of 20% of the total house heating bill.

2eva provides a blower door testing and sealing service to both new and existing buildings.

Do I require an Air Tightness Test Certificate?

From the 1st of July 2009 all new dwellings require an air pressure test. The purpose of this new building regulation is to measure the airflow within a building and identify areas that may lead to undesirable heat loss.

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